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Sydney North Stump Removal offer a specialist tree stump removal service throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Our business is stump grinding, stump removal and tree root removal. We do not offer tree care services, however, we can recommend a fully qualified arborist or tree care worker that we regularly work with. The specific focus of our service enables Sydney North Stump Removal to be highly skilled at what we do and to provide you with the highest quality workmanship.


Sydney North Stump Removal offer a professional service and clients can be confident that stump grinding, stump removal and root removal work will be completed thoroughly. We are fully insured and offer a free, no obligation, quote on all jobs.

Our company has a strong history with working for private owners, landscape gardeners, real estate agencies, strata organisations, engineering and construction firms, industrial and commercial site managers, schools and other tree contractors.

There are many reasons why we recommend that tree stumps should be removed;

  • Tree stumps, particularly small ones, can be a serious safety hazard.
  • Stumps left in the ground long term can attract termites or nasty fungi.
  • Trees re-sprout from a stump that is not completely removed.
  • Removing unsightly tree stumps can improve the look of your property.

After a tree has been cut down the stump remains. Sydney North Stump Removal use specialist machinery to remove the tree stump, by using a large rotating wheel with carbide tungsten teeth, to grind away the stump to below ground level. Fine wood chip remains after the stump is removed and this is used as mulch to fill in the hole where the stump once was.